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Is the wait for Series 3 driving you insane? It certainly does my head in, so I’ve decided to do a Knitlock giveaway to stave off the madness and keep my hands busy. If you win, you can watch ‘The Empty Hearse’ all wrapped up in Sherlockian knitted items! Here are the prizes:

1st prize: Bespoke 'The Only One in the World' Cowl - with your choice of up to 5 Knitlock patterns. Pattern choices include any of my 'Knitting is boring' designs - I can also make up something special just for you. A totally unique piece of Sherlockian knitting.

2nd prize: 'Death Frisbee' hat. I can add the smiley face if desired, but the gun shot holes are up to you, I’m afraid. 

I design all my Knitlock items and hand-knit them myself, using only 100% New Zealand wool. If you are not familiar with my Knitlock designs, you can browse them here.

You don’t have to be my follower to enter. However, it would be very nice if you were.

In fact, to quote Jim Moriarty, let me give you a little extra incentive:

If you win and you are also following me, I will add a pair of 'The Game is On' fingerless mittens to your prize, so you can have a matching set. 


  • likes, reblogs and comments all count
  • reblog as many times as you want, just no spamming please!
  • I will ship anywhere in the world
  • no giveaway blogs please! (I will check)
  • ask boxes must be open so I can contact you
  • you must be comfortable with giving me your address
  • the winners will be picked via a random number generator
  • I will message the winners - if I don’t get a reply within 3 days, I’ll choose another winner

You have up until midnight (GMT), 30th of September to enter. The game, dear followers, is ON.

10 more days!


Five days?! Oh gods please please please (and if not this black milk COME ON I’ve only ever won one thing and that was an American girl doll what a crock of shit!!)

5 days left!


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Old boats are quite cool.
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Old boats are quite cool.

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Good luck!


Yes pleeeease!

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Yes you do.
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Yes you do.

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